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Green Smoothie Tip: Smashed Bananas

Here's a great way to lightly sweeten your smoothie and cut some calories. Smash ripened (or even over ripened bananas) and freeze them in ice cube trays. Pop them out and store them in the freezer. Then use one or two to lightly sweeten your green smoothie. One "banana cube" is equal to approximately 1/3 of a banana. This cuts calories and sugar content because you are not using the whole … [Read More...]

Apple Raspberry Celery Smoothie Recipe

"A person could starve to death eating celery." This is something my mother told me years ago. A person remembers a statement like that! Apparently, she had read somewhere that it takes more calories to digest celery than celery actually contains. So, doing the math... more out than in... you get the picture.  I don't know if it is true  or not but celery is an awesome veggie that is tasty and … [Read More...]

Creamy Citrus Green Smoothie

Do you ever get tired of sweet smoothies? Adding sweet fruits do a great job of masking the 'green' taste but sometimes, I just want something that is not sweet but not so 'green' either. Here's a great recipe I stumbled upon trying to make do with the produce I had on hand. Creamy Citrus Green Smoothie Recipe 3 large leaves Swiss Chard 1/2 organic Lemon, squeezed for juice 1/2 … [Read More...]

Liquid Sunshine Green Smoothie

A New Favorite? We might just have a new favorite smoothie.  This is a great one for all you newbies out there.  Very minimal 'green' taste yet loaded with leafy greens, vitamins, antioxidants, and it just tastes like a great day! I don't know about you but in the cold mornings, I've been craving warm drinks.  So, even the most awesome supergreen smoothies have been seeing a little … [Read More...]

Green Smoothie Comfort Food Recipe

Sometimes on a cold morning, it is hard to want to drink a cold green smoothie--no matter how yummy it is! Today’s green smoothie is a Creamy Green Smoothie from Crazy Sexy  The creamy avocado gives it a touch of “comfort food” feel.  Just be careful with the lime. I found 1/2 lime to be a little too much. I'm even thinking it would make a good soup.  Soup for breakfast?!  Well, … [Read More...]

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